3M™ disposable half-mask respirator 4255
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3M™ 4255+ FFA2P3 Disposable half-mask respirator

Protection from gases and particles such as paints, oil paints, lacquers, polish, resins, adhesives.

  • Effective and comfortable protection against organic vapour and hazardous particulates
  • A newly enhanced valve assembly helps to reduce exhalation breathing resistance for improved breathing comfort
  • Lightweight, well-balanced, low profile design
  • Integrated cartridge and filters mean it’s ready to use and maintenance free
  • Soft, close-fitting face seal made with textured, non-allergenic material
  • Adjustable head cradle and easy to fasten neck straps
  • Centrally-positioned exhalation valve helps reduce heat and moisture build-up in hot and humid conditions
  • FFA2P3 R D protects against organic vapours with a boiling point greater than 65 °C, up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or 5000 ppm (whichever is lower), and 20 x WEL for particulates

- Protection level: FFA2P3D

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