Quality Policy


Georgios Astypaliotis and Co. EE Company is active in the field of Industrial and Abrasive Products for 25 years manufacturing Tapes Abrasives as an official distributor of its Abrasives and Industrial Products 3M. The company decided to install and operate a Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

This system operates with the aim of providing services that satisfy the requirements of its customers while at the same time promoting respect for people and society. The approach to quality is a continuous and strictly defined process which ensure the guarantees for the Company's consistent presence in the area in which it operates.

ASTYPALIOTIS GEORGIOS & CO. E.E. is committed to its continuous improvement effectiveness of the Quality Management System by implementing appropriate objective measurement and progress monitoring procedures implementation of the objectives as well as the necessary actions to remove the causes which cause any deviations. In the context of the continuous improvement of the System, the Administration sets goals for the quality of which are reviewed annually in terms of their degree of implementation, new ones are approved or older ones are modified depending on her performance Business and the new conditions in its field of action. Basic motivations for the adoption of the Quality Policy are:

• The promotion of the improvement of the internal operating system.
• The acquisition of know-how for the most complete handling of the tasks and meeting the needs and requirements of customers.
• The creation of a "channel" of external communication at all levels, so as to ensure on the one hand the clear capture of third party requirements and the clear statement from the business side of how they will be covered and on the other hand the protection of the customer.
• The training and utilization of human resources.
• Ensuring the best utilization of equipment and software of the business Through this Quality Policy the Management and its Staff company, are committed to:

      • The systematic monitoring of efficiency and suitability of the system.
      • The systematic monitoring and observance of the related obligations to the company, as well as the other legal requirements related to its operation. The Present is the intellectual property of ASTYPALIOTIS GEORGIOS & SIA E.E. the use is not allowed and/or its reproduction, in whole and/or in part, without the permission of the company.
      • The continuous training and education of the staff as well as the encouraging him for his active participation, individually and in groups level in its field of operation, in order to achieve the objectives, and to ensure the improvement of the Quality System.
      • The continuous effort to provide quality services with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction and improving competitiveness.
      • The systematic updating of the company on developments in the sector in which is active or which concern the sector of its activity.
      • The development of bonds of harmonious cooperation with customers and external parties providers.
      • The continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided as well as of the Quality Management System itself, through its development evaluation procedures and related indicators.
      • The promotion of open dialogue and information of interested parties in a spirit of sincerity and mutual respect.
      • The documented search for causes of problems and weaknesses, in order to determine and implement the necessary corrective actions, in order to avoid their recurrence.
      • The provision of resources at every level (human – material – financial) which will contribute to the continuous improvement of the System.

The Management of ASTYPALIOTIS GEORGIOS & SIA E.E. in collaboration with its executives ensures that the documented Information of the System Quality, are disclosed and fully understood by its employees, are applied and adhered to at all levels of its organizational structure and in all its functions. In addition it requests from the external providers, but also everything else interested party to embrace its principles, guiding them to operate according to them. Finally, this policy is available for the information of staff, of customers, providers, and to any interested party.