Our company can serve customers from all over Greece.

CAUTION!!!!! The availability of a product may not be conclusive because of possible misleading information from our suppliers or incorrectly counting the product in our warehouse.


    For shipments of up to 2kg in Attiki the cost is € 3.00. For every extra pound, an extra cost of € 1.50.
    For shipments of up to 2 kilos in land and island destinations the cost is € 4.50. For every extra pound, an extra cost of € 1.50.
    For dispatches of up to 2 kg in inaccessible areas the cost is € 8.70. For every extra pound, an extra cost of € 1.50
    Cost of cash payment of 2,00 €

5. Delivery of large orders

For orders with a large volume and weight, delivery is recommended by a shipping company. In this case, the order can not be settled and the order is settled by bank deposit. cooperates with all transportation companies in Greece so that products can reach even the most remote areas. By consensus we send you the products you have purchased with a shipping company of your choice or with a cooperating shipping company, which will be responsible for receiving the goods and delivering them to you. The cost of transport is € 5.