The company George Astypaliotis & CO is active in the field of industrial and abrasives products for 25 years, manufacturing abrasive belts as official distributer of 3M Abrasives and Industrial Products.

Our production activity in a fully equipped modern workshop on the production belt grinding,cutting discs and rolls of emery paper, emery cloth and scotch brite.

We address the entire spectrum of manufacturing the needs sanding wood, metal, glass and stainless steel. The leading position of the abrasive products from 3M (977F-777F cubitron, 237AA trizact, SB surface conditioning) in place of grinding and finishing stainless steel and our expertise in manufacturing belt grinding enable us to offer our customers innovative and integrated services.

We are proud that our customers with our own material and help contribute to the construction of projects like Metro, the Athens Concert Hall, the Museum of the Acropolis, the Foundation of the Hellenic World and hundreds of other works in hospitals, hotels, foodservice, shops and buildings.

Our marketing activity is selling a wide range of 3M products in Species Protection Equipment such as masks, breathing filters, glass work, earmuffs, overalls work.

Double-coated tapes and single-sided. Reflective films and Snow, Slip mats.

Electric hand tools and air and a wide range of consumables such as abrasive cutting discs,grinding and finishing wheel axle is free of BDSM / banners, scotch brite or mixed, suitable for all grinding needs.


The retail store is located on the region Botanikos outside the ring in Konstantinoupoleos39.

Tel: 210 3456707

Fax: 210 3455889



We are always at your disposal for any information about the products and services