3M 6502QL Half Face Mask
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3M 6502QL Half Face Mask

3M ™ Reusable Half Face Masks 6500 Series are designed for harsh and dirty work environments.

  • Quick lock lowering mechanism for easy application and removal when users enter and exit contaminated areas
  • Durable silicone mask contributes to comfort, durability & stability with soft yet firm sealing
  • Exhaust valve cover helps direct exhaled air and moisture down, reducing blur on glasses and grinding and welding shields
  • The low profile design of the half face mask offers a wider field of view and better compatibility with welding and sanding shields
  • 3M ™ Cool Flow ίδα Valve provides easier breathing and reduced heat and humidity accumulation
  • The adjustable head strap arrangement offers improved fit and comfort
  • Bayonet Filter Fastening System, which allows connection to a wide range of filters for protection against gases, vapors and particles

€37.60 Tax included

€30.32 Tax excluded

€50.13 -25%

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