3M™ 9925 Welding Fume Respirator, FFP2, Valved
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3M™ 9925 Welding Fume Respirator, FFP2, Valved

• Efficient particulate filter protects against FFP2 (NPF 12) levels of dust, mist and metal fumes

• Activated carbon layer filters out ozone gas generated by MIG, TIG and ARC welding operations

• Specially treated outer shell offers increased flame retardancy to help minimise the effect of hot welding spatter

• Filter resists clogging for extended use against welding fume

• 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps to provide comfortable protection in hot and humid conditions

• Robust shell and cup design is collapse resistant and conforms well to different face shapes and sizes

• Adjustable braided headband helps provide comfort to the face, head and neck

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€9.83 Tax excluded

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