3M 6200 Half Mask Respirator
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3M™ 6200 Half Mask Respirator

  • Conventional reusable mask with spare parts (filters, prefilters)
  • Twin filter for less breath resistance, better balance and visibility
  • Mask made of soft, light elastomeric material
  • Economical replacement filters

Note: Filters are not included in the package.

3M™ Reusable Respirators Brochure

€23.60 Tax included

€19.04 Tax excluded

€31.47 -25%

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The 3M Series 6000 Reusable Half Face Masks are designed for low maintenance, maximum ease and comfort, designing two filters for less breathing resistance, and better visibility.All masks have the 3M ™ Bayonet Filter Clamp System, provides protection from organic gases, vapors, droplets and dust particles. The 3M series 6000's half-face masks can also be used with the 3M ™ Air Supply System for increased comfort and versatility.

It is combined with Filters A1, A2, ABE 1, ABEK1, P1, P2SL, P3SL, and the prefilter cap.

Headband belts
• Compatible with 3M helmets and glasses
• Straps for comfortable fit
• Easy neck strap fastening
Mask made of lightweight elastomeric material
• Lightweight elastomeric material for long-lasting comfort
• Very light only 82g
• Reduce maintenance costs
Low profile design
• Minimizes interference with field of view
• More simplicity for easy handling
Connect filters
• Double filter design that provides low breathing resistance
• Better weight distribution resulting in better balance
• Enhanced perimeter capacity
• Safe application
• Visual marking of the connection point
• Flexible system for gas, vapor and particulate filters
• Optional connection to air supply system

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