3M™ 7502 Disposable half-mask respirator
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3M™ 7500 Half-mask Respirator

  • Soft silicone material for extra comfort
  • Adjustable headband, easy to attach neck strap
  • Cool Flow 3M ™ Exhalation Valve ™ provides easier breathing by reducing heat and moisture build-up
  • Armored exhalation valve system for heat and dust protection

Note: Filters are not included

3M™ Reusable Respirators Brochure

€43.20 Tax included

€34.84 Tax excluded

€57.60 -25%

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The 3M Series 7500 Reusable Face Masks have set a new standard in comfort. Reduced breathing resistance helps minimize heat build up in the mask while increasing your comfort. Available in three sizes, all masks include the 3M ™ Bayonet Filter Clamp System that offers a wide range of dual lightweight filters for gaseous, vapor and particulate protection, tailored to your particular needs and can also be used with the Air 3M ™.

It is combined with Filters A1, A2, ABE 1, ABEK1, P1, P2SL, P3SL, and the prefilter cap.

Headband belts
  • Balanced, safe application
  • Reduced pressure and tension points
  • Compatible with 3M Helmets and Glasses
Soft silicone mask for comfort and durability
  • Thin nasal cap for more comfort
  • Fully conservative
  • Lightweight, weighing 136 grams

3M ™ Cool Flow ™ Exhaust Valve
  • Less accumulation of heat and sweat
  • It reduces the vibrations of the valve
  • Flow of exhaled air down
  • Remains clean

Low Profile Design
  • Minimizes interference with the field of view
  • Reduces dust collection points
  • Reduces blur with protective glasses

Dual Filter design that provides low breathing resistance
  • Better weight distribution resulting in better balance
  • Enhanced perimeter visibility
  • Flexible system for gas, vapor and particulate filters
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