3M™ 9926 Speciality Disposable Respirator, FFP2, Valved
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3M™ 9926 Speciality Disposable Respirator, FFP2, Valved

The 3M™ 9926 special mask provides protection against acid dusts, particles, oils and droplets. They have an activated carbon layer and an exhalation valve. The innovative CPC valve limits the concentration of heat and moisture in the mask. Compatible with 3M glasses and hearing protectors

Color: blue

Protection: Particles / Drops / Organic Fumes

Type: FFP2

Maximum usage level: 12 x TLV

€6.62 Tax included

€6.25 Tax excluded

€8.71 -24%

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  • A special P2 mask that offers reliable, effective protection against acid gases. It also relieves high levels of organic vapors, solvents, chemicals, acid gases, resin based adhesives as well as unpleasant odors fumes produced during welding
  • The activated carbon layer provides relief from organic vapors that cause nuisance (under the TLV)
  • Durable shell and cup design conforms to most face shapes and sizes
  • The 3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve reduces heat and moisture accumulation to provide warm and wet comfort and reduce eyeglass fogging
  • Maximum usage level: Up to 12 x TLV for particles. Below the TLV for acid gases
  • The straps are colored for easy identification: blue for FFP2
  • High performance filter material for ease of breathing
  • Good application to a wide range of face sizes provided by curved shape, nose clips and dual strap design
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