3M™ 9913 Speciality Disposable Respirator, FFP1,Unvalved
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3M™ 9913 Speciality Disposable Respirator, FFP1,Unvalved

The 3M™ 9913 cup mask provides protection against organic dust and fog vapors. They have a layer of activated carbon. Ideal for smoke protection. Compatible with 3M glasses and hearing protectors

Color: yellow

Protection: Particles / Drops / Organic Fumes

Type: FFP1

Maximum usage level: 4 x TLV

€4.20 Tax included

€3.96 Tax excluded

€5.60 -25%

  • Specialized P1 special mask that offers reliable, effective protection against organic vapors and acid gases
  • The activated carbon layer provides relief from organic vapors that cause nuisance (under the TLV)
  • The durable shell and cup design goes hand in hand with most face shapes and sizes
  • Maximum usage level: Up to 4 x TLV for particles. Below TLV for organic vapors
  • The straps are colored for easy identification: yellow for FFP1
  • High performance filter material for ease of breathing
  • Good application to a wide range of face sizes provided by convex shape, nose clip and dual belt designours
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